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Married in 1965 we are the parents of four grown children. We have owned The Cranbury Inn since 1992. The Cranbury Inn has been in continuous operation for its original purpose of offering food and drink to people from all over the world, who are passing through this area, since the mid 1700's when we were still a colony. It is obvious that a long line of previous owners has preceded us. After over 265 years of operation we realize that our time here at The Cranbury Inn is only a small part in its history and that The Cranbury Inn is its own entity. The Cranbury Inn belongs to the people and we are the stewards of The Cranbury Inn at this point in its history. As the stewards of The Cranbury Inn we are responsible for the continuing growth, development and quality of The Cranbury Inn business focusing on the needs of you, our dining guests.

The Cranbury Inn has just seen its fourth century of construction in its continuing process of growth and development in service to its patrons. Please feel free to call The Cranbury Inn for personal assistance with your inquiries and reservations. We hope you enjoy this web site and we hope to see you at The Cranbury Inn.

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Tom & Gay Ingegneri

cranbury inn owners cranbury inn owners
Tom & Gay Ingegneri